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RepRap IoT. What Is It?

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We position Node.sys as a RepRap Internet of Things platform. Why "RepRap"? Allow us to explain 👉

Working on the concept of the platform, we were inspired by the idea of the RepRap (Replicating Rapid Prototyper) project, which is aimed at the creation of a self-replicating mechanism for rapid prototyping and production. In the original version, the embodiment of this concept is a 3D printer.

At Node.sys, we decided to recreate the RepRap mechanism within our IoT platform. We create our own Internet of Things by connecting people, technology, and devices into a single ecosystem using hardware nodes. This is how we build a decentralized factory that can replicate any device: from hardware nodes and Node.sys crypto wallets that could be part of our IoT, to custom products that are not. Additionally, the RepRap mechanism will become a scaling method that will allow you to quickly and efficiently form production chains at all stages: from an idea and prototype to the transition to large production volumes.

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