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Node.sys Hardware Node

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The Node.sys hardware node is a microcomputer that has a compact size and can work in stand-alone power mode . In the Node.sys network, the device acts as a transaction validator and gives the owner the right to join the Node.sys decentralized factory.


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The node has a low cost and a simple design. You can even assemble it yourself

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Compact size

The device fits easily in the palm of your hand and can be carried freely in hand luggage

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Minimal environmental impact. Low power consumption. A 5 V battery is sufficient for full operation of the node

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Any part of a hardware node is easy to replace or repair. All components can be found in the public domain

Why owning a node is great

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Join the Node.sys decentralized IoT and IIoT factory

  • Use the power of your professional equipment for its intended purpose

  • Receive payment for completed orders

Build your own supply and production chains

  • Implement your projects using the communication capabilities of the Node.sys platform

  • Communicate and negotiate with industry specialists and equipment providers directly, without involving intermediaries

Become part of a global community of high-tech DIY enthusiasts

  • Join the self-replicating Internet of Things project, working to build DRepRap devices

  • Team up with like-minded people who will help you bring your most fantastic ideas to life

Node.sys v1.5 Hardware Node: Technical Specs

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Broadcom BCM2837 (4/1200 MHz)




Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + Gigabit Ethernet


3.5" touch screen




Li-ion 2500 mA/h


96 x 67 x 49 mm

Body material

Heat Resistant Modified ABS Plastic

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