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Crypto Emergency interview

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Hello, friends!

We are excited to share our new interview on the Crypto Emergency channel! In this podcast, our founder and CEO, Andy Khamichonak, talks about what makes Node.sys a unique company in the world of blockchain technology.

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πŸŽ™ Podcast guest: Andy Khamichonak β€” Founder and CEO of Node.sys

πŸŽ™ Host: Yan Krivonosov β€” Crypto enthusiast and founder of the Crypto Emergency ecosystem

In the podcast, we discussed:

⏺ The journey of creating Node.sys and its products

⏺ Hardware nodes for blockchain

⏺ What a decentralized factory is and how it relates to hardware nodes

⏺ Our native token NYS

⏺ How users can earn rewards in our network

And much more!

Watch the interview, give it a like, and share your thoughts! Your support is very important to us πŸ’œ


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